Monday, March 20, 2017

We All Could Use a Hero These Days!

Why Not?

I know, it is loaded!

I just finished roasting some broccoli and in an unorthodox move shoving it into a toasted bun.  The bun was dressed with homemade mayonnaise made with just egg whites.  It was covered with roasted florets from a dying copious and sad bunch in the fridge.  Those florets, and stalks, were topped with homemade, not to sweet, british bread and butter pickles in a marinade of fresh ginger, a few slashes of Tabasco, garlic, and toasted sesame oil.

The whole thing was then dotted with aged shaved cheddar since I did not have a hard grating cheese to hand to shave.  And topped with crumbs from a container of old Lars fried onions.  A few hot crisps and a meal was born.

It is the Lenten season and Meatless Monday.  

Run don’t walk to make this.

Happy Naw Ruz! Enjoy this green meal on the first day of spring aka the vernal equinox.

Roasted Broccoli Hero inspired by Alton Brown who was inspired by Tyler Kord, Chef, No. 7 Sub

Makes 4 ( you will probably have leftover broccoli)

1 c. bread and butter pickles ( I keep homemade british bread and butter pickles to hand so I used them)
½ c. pickle juice
1 clove of garlic, minced
1 T. fresh ginger
2 T. Asian chili sauce or do like I did and use hot sauce
1 t. Toasted sesame oil
Roasted Broccoli, skip the preserved lemon
4 Lobster Roll, Hoagie Roll, French Baguette, or Hot Dog Bun
¼ c. mayonnaise*
½ c. Lars Fried Onions ( go ahead and use the one’s that top the green bean casserole if you can’t find Lars & yes, you should make these a part of your year-round pantry)
2 oz. ricotta salata, shaved ( I used an aged cheddar)*

*Make it vegan:

Vegan Option

Replace the mayonnaise with a vegan one( I like the homemade vegannaise from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian) or an equal amount of mashed Haas Avocado).

Ricotta salata is a salty cheese.  Omit it and add finely chopped olives instead.


While the broccoli is roasting, combine pickles and their juice, garlic, ginger, hot sauce, and toasted sesame oil.

As soon as you take the broccoli out of the oven, turn the oven to the broiler, then split, before toasting, the buns.  Seriously this is maybe a minute, do not move away from the oven and do use a timer.

Once bread is done. Spread mayo on the insides of toasted buns.  Divvy up the broccoli.

Let the marinade drain from pickles and place them over the broccoli.  Top with fried onions and cheese.

See, once you can see my hand it isn't so ridiculously huge.

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