Monday, December 24, 2012

Gift Guide 2012: Keep Calm and Carry On or in the Alternative KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly)

So you've waited and now you are getting up and surfing online trying to make it happen.  You don’t want to just give another gift card to Starbucks or even worse, an email gift certificate to itunes or (not that there’s anything wrong with gift cards or these businesses).

You however, pride yourself on being awesome.  Most of those on your list have everything they need and during the rest of the year you have amazing conversations with them about what’s important.  Your “what’s important” conversation is never about things.

Here’s what we’ve been doing and we’ve gotten peals of delight and bright eyes whenever the recipient sees it.

It’s a cookie from Dorie Greenspan of Beurre & Sel called a Port Jammer.  She’s every bakers’ favorite holiday elf.   It has everything a heart could sing for, cherries, port (or NA wine as I chose), chocolate, seasonal cranberries, spices, and streusel.  My husband says it is one of his favorite things.  My husband doesn’t like sweets!

Now pick up a bottle of your favorite sparkler, grab a jar of fancy jam (yes, there’s still time to make one, but I’m trying to keep this stress-free) and your favorite coffee (if you roast your own, then place the coffee in a mason jar) and watch their eyes light up with joy.

So worse case scenario, you don’t run to the mall but maybe, just maybe you run to the grocer and grab the ingredients listed below, head home, turn up whatever music grooves you and bake this cookie!