Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! Wishing You Prosperity, Good Fortune, and Good Health

Yesterday a friend posted an NPR story on Facebook, and I shared the same story. It was about the food Americans consumed last year. It was enough to put me off of food, despite the fact that a lot of the foods mentioned in the story I don't consume at all.

Today, I honored some promises including: working out at the gym, quaffing water (I stopped drinking it years ago when I knew I would lose time if I needed a bathroom break during the Bar exam), cooking at home, and eating strawberries, a clementine, onions, tomatoes, collards, black-eyed peas, cauliflower, mango, honeydew,and raspberries in order to meet my minimum of five fruits and vegetables per day.


But what are most Americans really eating? A lot of cheese, sweets, and dense potatoes and grains.
The numbers that struck me the most? The 141 pounds of sweeteners (including 42 pounds of corn syrup a year), and 85 pounds of fats (think: butter) and oil we ate.
This years meal, is a repeat from 2010. I just added chai, naan, and fruit salad. It was very good and it helps that it includes all of the charm food from the south, it was delicious, and it's good for you.

What are you eating today?

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