Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Giveaway Contest Winner and Belated Can-It-Forward Day

Sorry for the delay, but I spent last weekend on a belated “Can It Forward” with a new friend.  “Can It Forward” was held back in August.  It’s a day of canning activities and there’s not a single one I can think of that’s better than sharing the love of canning with someone new.

The peaches at the Farmer’s Market looked great and she wanted to learn how to can peaches with BLiS.  We spent about four hours sampling jams, canning peaches with BLiS and prepping another batch for her to take home and finish processing.

I hope she brings some of her jars of peaches with BLiS to the Canning Exchange on October 29th.

Oh, but there is a winner of last week’s canning giveaway and it is commenter #5 (yep, I used a random number generator) Melissa Smejkel.  So please contact me so I can get you a jar of preserves.  Even better, let me know when you want to start canning, assuming you don't do so already.

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