Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Say No to Eating Animals Monday: Volume 33: Not-too-hot and Not-too Cold Tomatoes and Pasta

If this cool weather continues, my other cool summer soups may have to wait until 2012!

So tonight is another night when something a bit more substantial makes sense.

How about a not-too-hot, not-too-cold but just right offering?

This one takes some time, but it’s really hands-off time. It’s perfect to set up the night before, or in the morning before coming home and finishing it. Besides I know you want to see what happens when the Sungold tomatoes come pouring in, like they did last week.

Pasta with Raw Tomato Sauce, from Martha Stewart Living Cookbook


1 head of roasted garlic* (do this the day before, and do it every week—it’s a staple!)


2lbs of Sun gold and should have been Sun gold cherry tomatoes, coarsely chopped

½ c chopped fresh basil, plus more for garnish

½ t. crushed red pepper flakes

4 oil-cured black olives

1 T capers, drained (mine were salt packed so I rinsed them once I removed them from the jar)

1lb of pasta

For the Roasted Garlic
(can be done up to 2 days in advance, just make sure you don’t use it all before you make this dish!):

Take head of garlic and stand upright in small ramekin. Drizzle olive oil on top. Place in oven at 350 F for an hour.

For the Pasta and Sauce:

Place everything except the pasta, in a large bowl. Add salt and pepper. Cover with plastic wrap and leave it to meld for at least 2 hours, but 8-10 hours would be great.

Make pasta. Drain pasta. Mix with the sauce. Garnish with a bit of chopped basil and watch the room get quiet while folks eat this.

This is my way of roasting garlic, not necessarily Martha Stewart’s prescribed way.

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