Monday, July 11, 2011

What Kind of Pickle Do You Like?

Parisian Pickling Cucumber

Last year’s garden was defensive.  What I mean by that is it wasn’t really planned.  We kind of just jumped in.  Plus it was the first time I’d ever planted anything.  This year’s garden is interrupted and distracted.  I started late and I’m already thinking of different varieties I want to plant next year.

This year’s distracted and interrupted garden features three types of cucumbers.  Last year I fell in love with pickles.  It’s intriguing.  Earlier this week, my husband and I had lunch together in the Loop.  I ordered a toasted cheese sandwich and it came with the ubiquitous spear.  As I reached for my pickle and took the initial bite, yes it was dilly, but I liked it anyhow, my husband looked at me, shook his head and smiled.  “It’s so odd to see you do that. Last year, you wouldn’t have been able to stand having it on your plate and I would have gotten it.”  He said with a glimmer in his eye, I asked him if he wanted the rest and he said, “No. It’s just funny.”

Okay, so now you know what I wish to do with three different types of cucumbers.  All of them can be pickled and only one variety can be used as a slicer.  I’m also going big by not giving them any trellis space.  I find trellising and staking rather annoying so I’ve done my best to avoid these two important methods as much as possible this season.  Already, I’m having second ideas and will probably give the watermelons some place to grow up.

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