Monday, June 6, 2011

Just Say No to Eating Animals Monday: Volume 24 Homemade Yogurt, Because I Can

One of the great things about being a person who doesn’t eat animals is the throwing off of food shackles.  You don’t have to eat three times a day.  You can eat peanut butter whenever you fancy.  You can drink your food and feel fantastic.  Breakfast, if you even want that meal, can be broccoli.  And yes, dinner can be pancakes!
Last week, I thought I was being super nice and buying my husband’s favorite yogurt, there was only one problem, it comes in the same container as the company’s milk and I grabbed their milk instead.  Don’t get me wrong, this is the most fantastic milk I’ve ever had.  But I really just don’t drink much milk (think about it, it’s the nursing liquid intended for baby bovines—blech!).  I’m not doing much baking, and this milk tastes too good to freeze for a later use.  I decided to make yogurt.  There was only one problem, I’d only made yogurt, previously, with wait for it…yogurt as a starter.  I didn’t have any yogurt.  I did have those probiotic capsules that you can get in the health stores.

So what do you do with yogurt?  Everything.  Wherever you see sour cream in a recipe, try yogurt.  When you want a great treat, my husband likes to finish a meal with a naked bowl of the stuff.  Me, I’m partial to a crunchy breakfast cereal with a bit of fruit, below it was served with peach conserve with rosewater.


Quart of Milk (mine had a layer of cream on top & yes it was organic)
Probiotic Capsule (I would up it to 2 or 3 capsules for the next batch)

Heat milk in large pot, before it get’s that film and around 105 degrees, add just the powder from the capsules, not the capsule itself) to the pot.  Remove from heat.

Pour into glass containers for yogurt maker and process according to instructions.  I left mine in the yogurt maker for 24 hours.  Then refrigerate. 

You don’t need a yogurt maker, is my understanding.  Some folks place it in a warm, draft-free spot (if you bake bread, put it in the same place you use for the bread to rise.)

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