Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Say No to Eating Animals Monday: Volume 7, There's Nothing Here to Eat!

Bits and Pieces Can Make a Meal

So if you are even remotely like us, you do get into that rut of not wanting anything that appears to be in your fridge and pantry to eat. It's always weird because you know darn well that there's plenty to eat, but because you don't plan meals, you can't wrap your head around what to do when the offerings our sparse.

This one is from the waste-not-want-not collection of bits and pieces almost always available in your home. Especially now, when the holiday season has you out so frequently and you realize that you haven't done real grocery shopping since before Thanksgiving!

Vegetable Fried Rice (easily made vegan)

2 c of cold white rice (it should be at least a day old)

1 egg (yep, you leave this out and you have a vegan offering)
Soy sauce
Bits & Pieces (onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, etc.)
Vegetable oil (preferably not olive oil)
1 T. Ginger root
2   cloves of Garlic

Dice vegetables, if appropriate.  Peel and chop ginger root.  Slice Garlic.

Add 2 T oil to a warm frying pan or wok, you may need more oil if you are using an unseasoned pan or one that isn't non-stick.  Add garlic to a medium heated pan and wait until it is lightly golden.  Add ginger and stir until it is fragrant.  Next add vegetables to pan, with those that take longer being added first, e.g. onion, bell pepper, carrot. Remove vegetables and aromatics from pan after a minute or two.  If using egg, crack and scramble one egg.  Add it to a heated pan over medium heat.  Cook until set just shy of your preferred level of doneness. Remove egg from pan and set aside.

Heat pan over medium heat with a bit of oil, if necessary.  Add rice and cook until it is warmed through.  Add vegetables and aromatics back into pan with the rice. Chop egg into bits and then add to rice and vegetables.  Finally, add 4-6 good dashes of soy to the pan, taste and add more soy if desired. Serve immediately.

Sorry, but if you happen to have Asian pickled vegetables, including kimchee, serve it with your rice.


The Pickles on the right have Asian Spices

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