Monday, December 6, 2010

Just Say No to Eating Animals Monday, Volume 5: Prosperity in 2011 means Quick Hoppin' Johns

Hoppin’ John is this southerner’s love.   It’s a perfect dish showcasing rice from my native South Carolina and one of the sweetest looking legumes there is, the black-eyed pea.
You can see why it’s called a black-eye immediately. This legume has a slightly nutty taste and this particular rice and bean dish has special powers.
Yep.  Everyone in my household has to have at least a spoonful, to insure prosperity in the New Year.  This particular dish should be eaten, dare I say it, weekly because who can’t use more prosperity.
The problem comes with all classic bean/legume dishes; you have to plan to have them.  Dried beans are inexpensive and keep for a pretty long time so they should be in your pantry.  Canned beans taste horrible, so while I do have them, I’m gravitating away from buying any more because I’ve also got a pressure cooker.  That let’s me decide in less than an hour before eating that legumes sound like a good idea and I can take even the longest cooking legume, garbanzo beans, and still have them cooked in about 45 minutes.

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