Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Gift Guide

It's true. Every blog I read has a gift guide. I suspect going forward, when I'm trying to think of a gift I want to give or get I should really look at the gift guides that are already available.

I'm all in:

Perfect for curling up on a blustery day: A subscription to Garden and Gun: Soul of the South (I'm not kidding at all here, folks).

For the landlocked with a teeny, tiny sunny patch:
An Earthbox-- Just add seeds and potting mix.

Garden Kneeling cushions- They always sound ridiculous but I used it all of the time.

What I wish I had right now- Seed flats. This heated one looks perfect for my cold condo.

Free! Beautiful and Useful Heirloom/ Non-GMO Seed Catalog from Baker Creek

The one thing I wished I had when I actually had to harvest-- garden shears. (cutting the okra with scissors was difficult).

The new book, Growing Older: A Chronicle of Death, Life, and Vegetables and the old book, This Organic Gardener: Confessions of a Suburban Homesteader by Joan Dye Gussow

A long and indestructible hose

The one thing I wished I had when I was shutting down shop was a hand axe. This one looks beautiful.

A Gardening Apron. Sometimes you don't want to change clothes just to do a couple of little things in the garden. Look you can even be crafty here. Thanks Martha!

Some pretty canning jars, a lifter, and a funnel to get me started on the path to putting up some of the harvest.

More ideas can be found over at The Local Beet...

PS- The gifts I'm most pleased with giving this season are:

1) A Loaf of : Cooks Illustrated's Almost-No-Knead Bread that I made with "the-can't-keep-it-in-stock" Upland Dairy's Rush Creek Reserve, perfect for the bon vivant in your life

2) A gift box with non-alcoholic anisette (you still have time to make it and it doesn't require pressure canning), asian-spiced pickles, peach conserves with rosewater, and spicy tomato and peach conserves ( yep I made all of them).

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