Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Si se Puede: Have Ripe Home-Grown Tomatoes in November

Tomatoes that were ripened in a box!

A few days ago we were delighted to have dinner with other local gardeners and food lovers.

While we talked and admired our host's green tomatoes, I mentioned that I had pulled all of our green tomatoes a couple of weeks ago, the night of the first frost (it only was in the low 30’s for a few hours, but tomatoes can’t take any frost).

Look at all of these green and great-sized tomatoes the night of the frost!

Confession:  While I was born and raised in the south, I don’t care for grits and I just don’t “git” green tomatoes, fried or otherwise.  Green Tomatoes always taste like what they are to me, an under-ripe tomato, blech!

I scoured the internet and discovered you could take perfectly green tomatoes, wrap them in newspaper,  place them in a box in a cool dry place,  and they would take their time...but they would indeed ripen.  You are supposed to check on them once a week.  What I read lead me to believe it would be several weeks before the first one would be ripe.

Hopelessly Green Tomatoes in a box

I shared what I was doing with the guests at dinner and one couple told us they tried it, and all they got was rotten tomatoes. 

Last night made two weeks since picking that last crop, and I had already gone to bed.  Then I recalled that it was time to check the tomatoes and I mournfully got up expecting to find rotten tomatoes, or just green-tomatoes that were beginning to wither.

That’s not what I found. 

That’s right, we are going to enjoy the last of our home grown tomatoes, both heirloom and hybrid Sungold tomatoes in November in Chicago!

Just Say No… To Green Tomatoes!

Coming in from the cold

Fired up and Ready to Go!

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