Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rising to the Challenge of Cranberries

As some readers may know, I’m from the south, where the holiday season means collard greens, not green bean casserole, sweet potato pie, not pumpkin, and cranberries aren’t really food, they are just something you put on the table as a garnish (no one ever eats them, right?).

So how did I find a way to make cranberries palatable?  I wanted to be a good guest, and this was a real challenge.  It would have been far easier had I been asked to come up with a meat-based dessert, and I don’t eat animals!  I’ve been enjoying a monthly dessert exchange since last spring.  Each month we meet at someone’s home; the host serves a light vegetarian meal, and then… it’s on!  Everyone brings a dessert that they made from scratch.  No slice-and- bake, or just add egg, oil, water, and mix would do in this setting.  This Dessert Exchange is an opportunity to share your favorites, or try that dish you’ve been meaning to get around to. The Exchange has been great for me in the latter category especially.  

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