Monday, November 15, 2010

Just Say No to Eating Animals Monday, Volume 2: Breakfast for Supper

Sometimes we struggle so hard to come up with something exotic for dinner like buckwheat lasagna that we forget the simplicity and goodness of everyday foods.

Talk about Nectar of the Gods

This is especially apt to occur when we are working in addition to trying to answer the age-old question that always causes the blood to roil, “What’s for Dinner?”  As recently noted by a Facebook friend it seems some couples have even successfully turned this into a joke where you can hear the rimshot.

From Facebook:

I'm gonna open a restaurant called “I don't care ". Then we can finally go to the place my wife is always talking about.


So why don’t we just apply KISS—Keep It Sweet and Simple or my preferred version, Keep it Simple, Stupid?


The other day, my husband came out of the blue with it.  He asked if I would make him some pancakes.  I shook my head and said, “Huh?”  He said, “Can you make me some pancakes.”   Here’s what you don’t know.  My husband doesn’t like pancakes.  He doesn’t like American breakfast food.  He doesn’t like sweets, so a request for pancakes is akin to me asking for a “Surf-and Turf” meal as far as I’m concerned.  So of course I said, “Sure, sweetheart.”  So in that great American tradition, they don’t know nothin’ about this over the pond, why not have breakfast for dinner?


When I was growing up every school and church would sponsor a pancake supper, nope, not a pancake breakfast, but pancakes, eggs, grits, sausage, and bacon with orange juice, or maybe tang, and strong black coffee at night.  It was the kind of event where parents and grandparents would attend.  The marrieds, the singles, and the widowed; the well-to-do and the not-so-well would all gather for these suppers.  Sitting in row after row of long tables elbow-to- elbow with plates stacked high with breakfast food. The talk would flow and the food, always so simple, always tasted great.


This is a Meatless Monday that will make everyone in your house happy.  Grab your favorite pancake recipe, call your Mum or Grandmum for hers if you don’t have one.  Make sure you use farm eggs for your side of eggs, I swear they really do taste different and here’s the kicker get real maple syrup or do like we did growing up and serve the pancakes with butter and hot spiced applesauce.

Even if you don't have a huge appetite or you are a small household these freeze beautifully

Seriously, who doesn't love breakfast for supper?

Our friend  Bill taps his own trees to make this stellar Maple Syrup

Everyone in our home loves pancakes for dinner

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