Saturday, September 18, 2010

More bugs in the garden

Earlier this season I posted here about the creepy crawly infestation of our garden.  Yeah, that was a good one wasn't it.  It served as a great lesson in beneficial creepy crawlers.

The other day I was with some friends.  Their kids got to harvest food earlier in the season from the garden. One of the kids was freaked out by a tiny spider spinning a web on the car door.  She couldn't take it and quickly removed her flip flop and smashed it.  I shrieked but it was too late.  She giggled, nervously and blushed.  I told her I couldn't believe she did that to Charlotte.  She said, she knew that spider wasn't Charlotte.  I conceded and then suggested that it could certainly be one of Charlotte's great-great-great grands.  Her mum then chimed in about how I had told them about beneficial bugs when they were gardening.

Funny, because then I saw this on a sunny day on the Santa Fe Chili plants.

I don't think they are beneficial, but I have more than enough peppers.  Plus seeing bugs, even if they are pests, reminds me that I haven't used any pesticides.  I kinda like that.

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