Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tomatoes and cucumbers: a symbiotic relationship?

This summer has been exceptionally hot.  That means most of the greens, lettuces, arugula, spinach, literally jumped out of the earth so fast they bolted (yep it's one of those gardening terms).  Once the greens bolt they taste horrible, although they really are gorgeous.  So what are you supposed to do when it's super hot and you want a salad from your garden?

Last week I ate with my friends from home at Prairie Fire.  This is a great American fare restaurant where those who are looking for hamburger and those who want to know the province of the cucumber can both be happy.  The food was simple and good.  One of my friends got this really extraordinary salad that sounded so ho-hum I couldn't believe she ordered it.  It was tomatoes and cucumbers.

First cut of the blushing Aker's West Virginia heirloom tomato

Summer's tomatoes and cucumbers are perfect.The salad at Prairie Fire was tomatoes, cucumbers, nice parmesan, crouton, and a light-colored vinagerette,  I didn't taste it but I could just imagine using an easy hand with some champagne vinegar and perhaps avocado oil to dress with a touch of mustard.  I've been thinking about this salad all week.

Then I saw this in the garden a few minutes ago.
Tomato plant is on the left and the long arm of the Cucumber on the right will not release it 

Guess what we are going to have for a meal tomorrow?

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  1. same thing here, appeared over 24 hours the freakin cucumber plant knew it was there. I unwrapped it and moved it out of the way a bit, it can do it again.