Monday, August 9, 2010

The tomato lovers' dilemma

Today’s dilemma is a great one.  When to harvest the tomatoes?

No I don’t mean the Sungold, they have been lovely the whole season.  I mean our lovely and exotic full-sized heirlooms. One's called Aker's West Virginia.  Another is called Omar's Lebanese.  The last wonder is called Crnkovic Yugoslavian.

They are all red or pink beefsteak type tomatoes.  Next summer I think I want a canning tomato as well.

Still, do we wait until they are almost ready to drop from the vine?  Or do we pick them now and let them ripen inside?

Yes.   I’ve looked online but I’m not finding the answer I want.  I suspect that means the correct answer is more akin to how an attorney answers a legal question. 

It depends.  Don’t worry, once we start harvesting them we will let you know when we think is the best time to take them. 

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