Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Peppers in a perfect storm

Santa Fe Peppers

It sounded like someone was walking across our roof. Then it sounded like someone had dumped a bucket of marbles across our roof. This morning’s rain was fierce.  It certainly wasn’t the worse we had heard this summer. We didn’t think there would be any damage from this storm.

We were wrong.

Late in the afternoon, when I went outside to see what was going on I had tomato plants heavy with fruit hanging almost to the floor of the deck. Even our attempt at rescuing fruit that broke off (it had nothing to do with the storm) was tilted.

Heirloom tomatoes-- hyrdroponic experiment

I started to tie up some of the tomato plants. He did the manly thing and decided that the peppers could support themselves by turning the Earthbox around. No additional garden ties required for the Santa Fe and Rooster’s Spur peppers. The Santa Fe peppers are also changing color to a fantastic red. We didn’t capture it today. But a vibrant red is present and more will follow.
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