Saturday, August 21, 2010

Learning to Put Up Food

Wow!  It has been a whirlwind of a day.  I spent today learning both the science and how-to of putting up all of the bounty from our garden and the season.  It was called The Food Preservation Boot Camp.

I learned the difference between pressure canning and using a water bath canner.  These specific techniques were used in order to put up a ton of magnificent food today.

Catherine Lambrecht with pressure canners and water bath canners

Oh yeah, I also learned what headspace is and how to measure it.

The scary part was the fear of what could go wrong.  Did you know that botulism lacks an odor or a taste so you could get an "upset stomach or nerve damage" if the food isn't canned properly?

Fired Up & Ready to Go! Attentive Students hanging on the words of our Instructors

So what did I learn to put up today?  

Can you believe we aren't going to eat these lovely tomatoes until winter?

Beets being prepped for canning
But wait, there was more than tomatoes and beets put up today.

How about a quick bread-and-butter pickle made with... zucchini?

Courgettes, onions, and pickling salt (yes it is different from regular salt)

Thanks to Heidi Hedecker and Catherine Lambrecht!  Fantastic, tireless, and willing to share both knowledge and technique (pectin is a personal choice, but by gosh, that plum jam did gel without it!)

I think a Chow-Chow relish, more pickles, and ketchup are going to be put up pretty soon.

More pictures can be found here.



  2. Sorry for my delay in posting this. Somehow, I just missed it.

    There will be more posts on canning throughout the season, I know the season has officially ended since it's fall, but there's still apples, cauliflower, onions, and peppers that I hope to put up.