Sunday, August 1, 2010

Food everywhere and yet how easily we forget that hunger persists

Them Belly Full But We Hungry- Bob Nestor Marley

This lyric kept running through my mind as I read the news yesterday:

It's the case of the mystery garden weeder.
A Skokie resident called police July 12 after his security camera caught a man sneaking into his vegetable garden to weed it.
The homeowner in the 8900 block of Kenton Avenue said the security system, in fact, had captured the bandit on videotape sneaking into the garden on five separate mornings during a six-day span. Sometimes he weeded, sometimes he sprayed the vegetable garden.
And sometimes he picked tomatoes and cucumbers and chowed down on the spot.
Prolific Cucumbers-- they are very sweet

While I suspect this gentleman is mentally ill and perhaps homeless, it causes me to wonder; how in this great country can we tolerate anyone going hungry? On this continent? In this world?

Blushing tomato
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