Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blech! Blight! Blossom End Rot!

You can tell they were going to be lovely can't your?

Blech!  These tomatoes seemed to be beautiful, on top that is.  The undersides revealed something that I had heard about.

Tarnation!  I don’t want to be right but gosh golly that looks like Blossom End Rot (BER).   Why should I be right?  I’ve never gardened before.  I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do so why are the tomatoes experiencing this blight?

Good Question. There are a lot of theories as to the why of BER.  If you google it you get over just under a 100,000 hits.  That’s an awful lot of talk about blight on tomatoes.  Okay so what is it?

A disease, just like it sounds.  It covers the “blossom end” or bottom of the tomato.  It turns black and it doesn’t do what you expect it to do, it doesn’t rot and go gushy.  Oh no, that would be too much like right.  The tomato continues to grow and on top it looks great, but the bottom changes.  Not only does the color change but the texture.  It gets thin and leathery.

What’s the good news?  It won’t infect the other fruit or plants that you have.  You can just cry over the lovely infected fruit and remove it.  The remaining fruit, as well as the plants themselves, can continue to grow fantastic tomatoes.

Onward and Upwards!

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