Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trendsetter or Trendy? That's the question when it comes to urban vegetable gardening

I met a friend for tea this evening.  When she asked about the garden she said something like, she knew a lot of people were doing it this year, more than she could recall in years past.  I kinda, sorta wonder what she meant by that statement.  

Hmmm, maybe she thinks I’m trendy.  Maybe she thinks I’m a lemming.  Maybe she’s just making an observation.

I’m grateful that I started growing vegetables and fruit this summer.  Apparently, last summer sucked, was horrible for gardening.

One of the things I like most is the child-like wonder the garden evokes for myself and my family.  You really, can't blink because if you do, it has changed.    Do you remember last week when I mentioned the beautiful flowers at the Edible Gardens?

Today, I may not have enough okra to make gumbo or curry,

but I do have magnificent flowers on the okra.

This blossom reminds me an awful lot of an orchid or a lily, it is both unexpected and gorgeous
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