Monday, July 26, 2010

The opportunist in the garden

The other day a friend asked if the garden was ours, or our dog's.  I responded  that it was her garden.  My husband makes fun of me by reminding us that we are in her employ, and that our responsibilities include taking care of her garden.

This evening as I watered the Earthboxes, I talked to a friend on my cell.  I noticed the dog was sniffing around amongst the containers, as usual.  Then she walked in front of me, reached directly behind the loaded green fruit on the tomato plant, and... plucked a ripe Sungold tomato!  Unlike her usual M.O. of "gulp now ask questions later", even with large pieces of meat, she found a spot on the deck and began to chew her tomato.  She then went to another ripe plant and did the same thing as I watched in wonder.

Finally, the fog from my brain cleared and I warned her off of the vegetables for the family.  As she left the tomatoes I noticed she was sniffing around the watermelons.

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