Monday, July 19, 2010

Ladies, ladies everywhere

Today was difficult. I’m exhausted but I know I need to get everything watered before the storms start.

As I check on the Lady’s fingers I notice a distinctive looking critter crawling, busily all over my almost ready to be picked pods.  They are crawling methodically all over the okra.  Looking closely I get the heebie jeebees. My garden has been infiltrated. There I was singing the praises of organic gardening. Noting how great it was to share with God’s multi-legged creatures the bounty of our garden, but this looked like an invasion.

I reached out to the folks at Green Roof Growers and kept punching in the following into search boxes: Orange and black bug okra pest organic. I got hits right away but I couldn’t get pictures. Grrr, my garden has been infested with stink bugs that take everything and leave only when they are full. They have practically no natural predators and almost no natural pesticides get rid of them.

I then reached out to a master gardener I knew and asked him what he used to kill, er remove these unwanted visitors.

I’m so tired.  Panic is washing over me about this invasion and then I found a remarkable site here. As I typed in a description of the creepy crawler this site had pictures and I scrolled down until I found mine. Once I found mine I exhaled. My mailbox pinged and I got the following from H2 at Green Roof Growers:

Subject: Got it--and you'll never believe what it is
Ladybug larvae
There is an imminent metamorphosis for all of the ladies in our garden.

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