Friday, July 16, 2010

I saved a bug today

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I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't be a part of the urban gardening cognoscenti (I heard the Diva Denyce Graves use this word last night in a PBS special and I just loved the way it sounds coming from her) and use lots of jargon that doesn't make sense if you aren't a planter.  You are probably a lot like me, sure you could look it up or ask me, but gosh darn it -  must reading these posts be like reading a Brief and Wonderful Life of Oscar Wao for those who don't speak Spanish?  The answer is no.

I wanted a green smoothie and thought I could still use the kale that has, wait for it… bolted.  Bolting is a term of art in gardening circles.  When I tried to ask people what it meant they would tell me something like I would know it when I saw it.  That wasn’t very helpful, but they were right.  So imagine you have some sweet organic lacinto kale in your Earthbox.  Earlier in the season you plucked leaves and sautéed them or threw the young ones into salads or a green smoothie.  Then one day you take a look and that kale looks like a bonsai kale tree.  It’s still small, but way bigger taller, than it was before.  It still puts out new leaves, but they are utterly inedible. 

So I had to pluck out the handful of kale I had thrown into the Vitamix this morning for my Green Smoothie. These bolted kale greens were a complete throwaway.  They look the same but the taste is far from pleasurable. 

God’s little creature up above, the green one with a lot of legs was in my sink after I rinsed the bolted kale.  I don’t mind, yet, sharing with the insects because they just remind me that I’m not using any pesticides aside from the spiders that hang out in the garden and the ladybug that seems to be partial to living on the okra.  So free gardening advice, if you get vegetables or fruit from a fruit stand or your garden, you may want to rinse and pick through them just to make certain that you don’t eat an insect that was living on your produce.

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