Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Girl gone wild

This afternoon I saw my luscious green rooster spur pepper plant.  The roots were practically ripped from the box and the plant listed on its side.

“Lirio”! I exclaimed at the top of my voice.  She didn’t hear me because she wasn’t home.  She had become overly fond of this particular plant because I had staked it with some sticks I found after one of the big summer storms that had previously left this plant on life support earlier this summer. 

The plant had survived several harsh storms but not her desire to have the stick supporting the plant, not the plant itself, but literally the stick.

I quickly wet the earth with my bare hands and began to pat it down and get the plant upright.  I then topped it with more fresh potting mix and patted it again.

Let’s hope it works.

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